Bahá’í Prayers for Service


O God, and the God of all Names, and Maker of the heavens!

I entreat Thee by Thy Name through which He Who is the Day-Spring of Thy might

and the Dawning-Place of Thy power hath been manifested,

through which every solid thing hath been made to flow,

and every dead corpse hath been quickened, and every moving spirit confirmed

-- I entreat Thee to enable me to rid myself of all attachment to any one but Thee,

and to serve Thy Cause, and to wish what Thou didst wish through the power of Thy sovereignty,

and to perform what is the good pleasure of Thy will.

I beseech Thee, moreover, O my God,

 to ordain for me what will make me rich enough to dispense with any one save Thee.

 Thou seest me, O my God, with my face turned towards Thee,

and my hands clinging to the cord of Thy grace. Send down upon me Thy mercy,
and write down for me what Thou hast written down for Thy chosen ones.

 Powerful art Thou to do what pleaseth Thee.

No God is there but Thee, the Ever-Forgiving, the All-Bountiful.

- Bahá'u'lláh

I give praise to Thee, O my God, that the fragrance of Thy loving-kindness hath enraptured me,

and the gentle winds of Thy mercy have inclined me in the direction of Thy bountiful favors.

Make me to quaff, O my Lord,

from the fingers of Thy bounteousness the living waters which have enabled every one that hath partaken of them

 to rid himself of all attachment to any one save Thee,

 and to soar into the atmosphere of detachment from all Thy creatures,

and to fix his gaze upon Thy loving providence and Thy manifold gifts.

Make me ready, in all circumstances, O my Lord,

to serve Thee and to set myself towards the adored sanctuary of Thy Revelation and of Thy Beauty.

If it be Thy pleasure, make me to grow as a tender herb in the meadows of Thy grace,

 that the gentle winds of Thy will may stir me up and bend me into conformity with Thy pleasure,

 in such wise that my movement and my stillness may be wholly directed by Thee.

Thou art He, by Whose name the Hidden Secret was divulged, and the Well-Guarded Name was revealed,

  and the seals of the sealed-up Goblet were opened, shedding thereby its fragrance over all creation,

whether of the past or of the future. He who was athirst, O my Lord, hath hasted to attain the living waters of Thy grace,

and the wretched creature hath yearned to immerse himself beneath the ocean of Thy riches.

I swear by Thy glory, O Lord the Beloved of the world and the Desire of all them that have recognized Thee!

 I am sore afflicted by the grief of my separation from Thee, in the days when the Day-Star of Thy presence

 hath shed its radiance upon Thy people. Write down, then, for me the recompense decreed for such as have gazed on Thy face,

and have, by Thy leave, gained admittance into the court of Thy throne,

and have, at Thy bidding, met Thee face to face.

I implore Thee, O my Lord, by Thy name the splendors of which have encompassed the earth and the heavens,

 to enable me so to surrender my will to what Thou hast decreed in Thy Tablets,

that I may cease to discover within me any desire except what Thou didst desire through the power of Thy sovereignty,

and any will save what Thou didst destine for me by Thy will.

Whither shall I turn, O my God, powerless as I am to discover any other way

 except the way Thou didst set before Thy chosen Ones? All the atoms of the earth proclaim Thee to be God,

and testify that there is none other God besides Thee.

Thou hast from  eternity been powerful to do what Thou hast willed, and to ordain what Thou hast pleased.

Do Thou destine for me, O my God, what will set me, at all times, towards Thee,

and enable me to cleave continually to the cord of Thy grace, and to proclaim Thy name,

and to look for whatsoever may flow down from Thy pen. I am poor and desolate, O my Lord,
and Thou art the All-Possessing, the Most High. Have pity, then, upon me through the wonders of Thy mercy,
and send down upon me, every moment of my life, the things wherewith Thou hast recreated the hearts of all Thy creatures

who have recognized Thy unity, and of all Thy people who are wholly devoted to Thee.

Thou, verily, art the Almighty, the Most Exalted, the All-Knowing, the All-Wise.

- Bahá'u'lláh


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