Bahá’í Prayers for Women

O Thou Whose face is the object of the adoration of all that yearn after Thee,

Whose presence is the hope of such as are wholly devoted to Thy will,

Whose nearness is the desire of all that have drawn nigh unto Thy court,

Whose countenance is the companion of those who have recognized Thy truth,

Whose name is the mover of the souls that long to behold Thy face,

Whose voice is the true life of Thy lovers, the words of Whose mouth

are as the waters of life unto all who are in heaven and on earth!

I beseech Thee, by the wrong Thou hast suffered

and the ills inflicted upon Thee by the hosts of wrongful doers,

to send down upon me from the clouds of Thy mercy

that which will purify me of all that is not of Thee,

that I may be worthy to praise Thee and fit to love Thee.

Withhold not from me,

O my Lord, the things Thou didst ordain

 for such of Thy handmaidens as circle around Thee,

and on whom are poured continually the splendors of the sun of Thy beauty
and the beams of the brightness of Thy face.

Thou art He Who from everlasting hath succored whosoever hath sought Thee,

and bountifully favored him who hath asked Thee.

No God is there beside Thee, the Mighty, the Ever-Abiding, the All-Bounteous, the Most Generous.

- Bahá'u'lláh

Glory be to Thee, O my God!

My face hath been set towards Thy face, and my face is, verily, Thy face, and my call is Thy call,

and my Revelation Thy Revelation, and my self Thy Self,

and my Cause Thy Cause, and my behest Thy behest,

and my Being Thy Being, and my sovereignty Thy sovereignty,

and my glory Thy glory, and my power Thy power.

I implore Thee, O Thou Fashioner of the nations and the King of eternity,

to guard Thy handmaidens within the tabernacle of Thy chastity,

and to cancel such of their deeds as are unworthy of Thy days.

Purge out, then, from them, O my God, all doubts and idle fancies,

and sanctify them from whatsoever becometh not their kinship with Thee,

O Thou Who art the Lord of names, and the Source of utterance.

Thou art He in Whose grasp are the reins of the entire creation.

No God is there but Thee, the Almighty, the Most Exalted,

the All-Glorious, the Self-Subsisting.

- Bahá'u'lláh


Glorified art Thou, O Lord my God!

Thou art He the fire of Whose love hath set ablaze the hearts of them who have recognised Thy unity,

and the splendours of Whose countenance have illuminated

the faces of such as have drawn nigh unto Thy court.

How plenteous, O my God, is the stream of Thy knowledge!

How sweet, O my Beloved, is the injury which, in my love for Thee,

and for the sake of Thy pleasure, I suffer from the darts of the wicked doers!

How pleasing are the wounds which, in Thy path and in order to proclaim Thy Faith,

I sustain from the swords of the infidels!

I beseech Thee, by Thy name through which Thou turnest restlessness into tranquillity,

fear into confidence,

weakness into strength, and abasement into glory, that Thou of Thy grace wilt aid me

and Thy servants to exalt Thy name, to deliver Thy Message,

and to proclaim Thy Cause, in such wise that we may remain unmoved

by either the assaults of the transgressors or the wrath of the infidels,

O Thou Who art my Well- Beloved!

I am, O my Lord, Thy handmaiden, who hath hearkened to Thy call, and hastened unto Thee,

fleeing from herself and resting her heart upon Thee.

I implore Thee, O my Lord, by Thy name out of which all the treasures of the earth were brought forth,

to shield me from the hints of such as have disbelieved in Thee and repudiated Thy truth.

Powerful art Thou to do what Thou pleasest. Thou art, verily, the All-Knowing, the All-Wise.



Magnified be Thy name, O Lord my God! Behold Thou mine eye expectant to gaze on the wonders of Thy mercy,

and mine ear longing to hearken unto  Thy sweet melodies, and my heart yearning for the living waters of Thy knowledge.

Thou seest Thy handmaiden, O my God, standing before the habitation of Thy mercy,

and calling upon Thee by Thy name which Thou hast chosen above all other names

and set up over all that are in heaven and on earth.

Send down upon her the breaths of Thy mercy, that she may be carried away wholly from herself,

and be drawn entirely towards the seat which, resplendent with the glory of Thy face,

sheddeth afar the radiance of Thy sovereignty, and is established as Thy throne.

Potent art Thou to do what Thou willest.

No God is there beside Thee, the All-Glorious, the Most Bountiful.

Cast not out, I entreat Thee, O my Lord, them that have sought Thee,

and turn not away such as have directed their steps towards Thee,

and deprive not of Thy grace all that love Thee. Thou art He, O my Lord,

Who hath called Himself the God of Mercy, the Most Compassionate.

Have mercy, then, upon Thy handmaiden who hath sought Thy shelter, and set her face towards Thee.

Thou art, verily, the Ever-Forgiving, the Most Merciful.

- Bahá'u'lláh

O Thou, at Whose dreadful majesty all things have trembled, in Whose grasp are the affairs of all men,

towards Whose grace and mercy are set the faces of all Thy creatures! I entreat Thee,

by Thy Name which Thou hast ordained to be the spirit of all names that are in the kingdom of names,

to shield us from the whisperings of those who have turned away from Thee,

and have repudiated the truth of Thy most august and most exalted Self,

in this Revelation that hath caused the kingdom of Thy names to tremble.

I am one of Thy handmaidens, O my Lord!

I have turned my face towards the sanctuary of Thy gracious favors and the adored tabernacle of Thy glory.

Purify me of all that is not of Thee, and strengthen me to love Thee and to fulfill Thy pleasure,

that I may delight myself in the contemplation of Thy beauty,

and be rid of all attachment to any of Thy creatures, and may, at every moment, proclaim:

"Magnified be God, the Lord of the worlds!"

Let my food, O my Lord, be Thy beauty, and my drink the light of Thy presence, and my hope Thy pleasure,

and my work Thy praise, and my companion Thy remembrance, and my aid Thy sovereignty,

and my dwelling-place Thy habitation,

and my home the seat which Thou hast exalted above the limitations of them that are shut out as by a veil from Thee.

Thou art, in truth, the God of power, of strength and glory.

- Bahá'u'lláh

Glory to Thee, O my God!

One of Thy handmaidens, who hath believed in Thee and in Thy signs,

hath entered beneath the shadow of the tree of Thy oneness.

Give her to quaff, O my God, by Thy Name, the Manifest and the Hidden,

of Thy choice sealed Wine that it may take her away from her own self,

and make her to be entirely devoted to Thy remembrance, and wholly detached from any one beside Thee.

Now that Thou hast revealed unto her the knowledge of Thee,

O my Lord, deny her not, by Thy bounty, Thy grace;

and now that Thou hast called her unto Thyself, drive her not away from Thee, through Thy favour.

Supply her, then, with that which excelleth all that can be found on Thine earth.

Thou art, verily, the Most Bountiful, Whose grace is immense.

Wert Thou to bestow on one of Thy creatures what would equal the kingdoms of earth and heaven,

it would still not diminish by even as much as an atom the immensity of Thy dominion.

Far greater art Thou than the Great One men are wont to call Thee,

for such a title is but one of Thy names all of which were created by a mere indication of Thy will.

There is no God but Thee, the God of power, the God of glory, the God of knowledge and wisdom.

- Bahá'u'lláh

Thou seest, O my God, how the wrongs committed by such of Thy creatures as have turned their backs to Thee

have come in between Him in Whom Thy Godhead is manifest and Thy servants.

Send down upon them, O my Lord, what will cause them to be busied with each other's concerns.

Let, then, their violence be confined to their own selves, that the land and they that dwell therein may find peace.

One of Thy handmaidens, O my Lord, hath sought Thy face, and soared in the atmosphere of Thy pleasure.

Withhold not from her, 0 my Lord, the things Thou didst ordain for the chosen ones among Thy handmaidens.

Enable her, then, to be so attracted by Thine utterances that she will celebrate Thy praise amongst them.

Potent art Thou to do what pleaseth Thee. No God is there but Thee, the Almighty, Whose help is implored by all men.

- Bahá'u'lláh


O my Lord, my Beloved, my Desire! Befriend me in my loneliness and accompany me in my exile;

remove my sorrow, cause me to be devoted to Thy Beauty, withdraw me from all else save Thee,

attract me through Thy fragrances of holiness,

cause me to be associated in Thy Kingdom with those who are severed from all else save Thee

and who long to serve Thy Sacred Threshold and who stand to work in Thy Cause,

and enable me to be one of Thy maid-servants who have attained to Thy good pleasure.

Verily, Thou art the Gracious, the Generous!

- 'Abdu'l-Bahá

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